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  • The Red Gate Livery has...

    the finest horses in the area, specifically trained for carriage work and interacting with the public.  .

  • The Red Gate Livery works...

    to make our part of your event the most beautiful it can be, attending to every detail.  

  • The Red Gate Livery will...

    be there for you from the planning stage until you return from the ride.

  • The Red Gate Livery is...

    devoted first to our horses, and second, to you.  We consider the horses and ourselves to be a connected and cohesive team, and we offer that magic to you.  

  • The Red Gate Livery is...

      safety.  We use extra staff to ensure that you and our horses are safe and comfortable at all times, using one driver        and an additional footman at minimum to ensure the best experience possible.  

  • We take joy in our horses and genuinely love our work.  And that's contagious.  

3950 March Road

Carp, ON

K0A 1L0


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