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Cover photo credit: Wendy Cotie, Big Picture Studio, Arnprior, Ontario.  

Secondary photo credit: Red Gate Photography

Orkney: a Novel

by Maggie Toner

storymonsters royal dragonfly award.png Page Turner Award 2022


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Royal Dragonfly Book Award 2nd Prize for Historical Fiction 2022


Have you ever pondered the idea of reincarnation?  If there is such a thing as reincarnation, a concept deeply believed in by several faiths, then what does that imply? Who were you? Through what worlds have you passed? And who around you that you love now was there with you?

Four brothers from Iron Age Orkney die almost simultaneous deaths in battle. The energy of their passing is so extreme that they are bound together through time.  Their adventures lead them from Orkney to Roy Bridge, Scotland; Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland; Chaffee's Lock, Ontario; and finally, Fredericton, New Brunswick in the 20th century.

Join the brothers on their way through their journey!


Live Book Reading 
September 22, 2022.
Almonte Library

155 High Street, Almonte, Ontario


Available from the following book stores: 

Mill Street Books, Almonte, Ontario, Canada

Spark Books and Curios and The Book Nook, Perth, Ontario

About the Author

Maggie Toner is the child of a military family and has therefore lived a gypsy lifestyle. She has lived all over Canada but feels the strongest kinship with her family roots in New Brunswick.
She worked as a professional accountant for 30 years, but eventually quit, looking for something totally different. She started her own business using her beloved draft horses to pull a carriage for weddings, parades and special events. Like her, her horses are now retired, except for a few forays into cosplay photography - The Red Gate Livery has its very own unicorn you know.
In her spare time she quilts, sews, gardens, knits, and collects things that interest her.
When she is very old, She plans to live in a cabin in the woods with a horse who wears a straw hat. 


I ended the book feeling satisfied, although sad to be done with the lives of these wonderful characters

Goodreads reviewer, rated 5/5

Loved this! A beautiful exploration of family, karma, reincarnation, and the connections between souls. Highly recommend.

Goodreads Reviewer, rated 5/5

I see reviews that speak of reincarnation, but the sense I get from Orkney is more of a stream of consciousness that flows through the various generations, and like time itself, the images become clearer the closer they are to the present. .......

Some of the events are startling, some are brutal, but the characters are treated with empathy and respect, and if you take your time reading, you will come to know them and miss them when the saga concludes. 

Goodreads Reviewer, Rated 4/5

 A great read. Loved the book from start to finish....this read hit home on so many levels. So well written I could not put it down and had tears in my eyes when finished. Bravo Maggie Toner.... awaiting your next novel.....

Goodreads Comment

This story is about four brothers bound together through time. It is epic in nature as they move through time and across various places constantly interweaving their lives. It is an exploration of karmic ties. With a very clean writing style, all of the various parts come together as a whole at the end. It is definitely not a book to be rushed, so take your time journeying through this saga, and enjoy.

 Goodreads Reviewer Rated 4/5

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