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Western Society has a fascination with the medieval era, sometimes referred to as the dark ages.  Who would we be, if we were then?  Images of Robin Hood, King Arthur and the knights of the round table fill our heads.  But here at the Red Gate, we think of the horses.  There were horses for pulling carts, plowing fields.  But his lordship rode a war horse.  And its those images that we recreate for you.  

How do you see yourself?  The beautiful maiden in her kirtle, with her beautiful white horse in the wood?  The mistress of the castle seeing his lordship off?

Do you see yourself as a military man? A noble on his proud steed, off for the hunt?

Let us help you explore these images of yourself and save the moment.  Our inventory of costumes can accommodate just about anything you can dream up.  We cater to everyone with interest in the Medieval.  .  Please use the contact page to contact us today!

Customers are welcome to bring their own costumes and accessories.  We reserve the right to refuse certain kinds of weapons.  

IMG_7820 Rain in red and black hat blue
IMG_7579 Erin the Princess.jpg
Knight Colour 22.jpg
knight colour ten white wash.jpg
Knight grey wash final edit.jpg
Knight Colour 21 final edit.jpg
Knight black and white.jpg
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