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Suzy Q

Every herd has a dominant mare who watches out for the others, disciplining them if need be to keep the herd structure intact.  In our case, that mare is Suzy.  The oldest of our horses except for Silver, She uses her wisdom and her influence to keep all of the horses safe. Born in 2000, Suzy is a Clydesdale mare who was bred in the little town of Mountain, south of Ottawa.  Note the heart on her left knee, and look in our other pictures for the eclipse on her forehead.


Suzy and Duke have been companions for more than 16 years.  The bond between them surpasses their relationships with other horses, and their separation while Duke goes out to work and Suzy stays home to enjoy her more leisurely lifestyle.  Suzy hears the truck and trailer coming and begins to whinny before it comes down the driveway.   When he comes into the barn, she sniffs him thoroughly to ensure he is still Duke, and then releases him to the water trough and the hay bale.


Suzy is now considered elderly in the world of draft horses.  She is healthy and strong, but now suffers from a few old horse aches and pains, the same way older humans sometimes do.  


Suzy is fully retired, enjoying life with our others horses and especially Duke.   

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