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Therapeutic Visits

Part way through the Covid-19 Pandemic, we decided there was a need for people shut in and restricted to seek some relief from the constant strain of isolation.  

We also felt that our horses would benefit from having people in the barn again.

Accordingly, The Red Gate is proud to offer one on one therapeutic contact with our horses.  Horses have been proven to convey healing and comfort to those in distress.  They are used for riding for the disabled programs as well as PTSD recovery programs and other activities.  

We do not charge for these visits.  We feel that our good fortune in sharing our lives with these big wonderful animals, and the success we have had in other parts of our business means that we should give something back.  We will, however, accept contributions toward the care and comfort of the horses.  We are not a registered charity and do not give tax receipts.  However we would never, ever, turn away a person in need of a visit with our horses for lack of funds.  

A visit must be scheduled ahead of time.  Each visitor must fill out insurance release forms, wear appropriate footwear as directed and wear head protection (we have a few helmets, but where the visitor is on the ground, a bicycle helmet is also acceptable).  The visitor is allowed into the barn where our horses spend a great deal of their time.  Physical contact, in a safe and controlled way, is encouraged.  

It is our honour to offer this service, and we are supported in this endeavour by our liability insurance company.  These visits are not therapy per se and we are not trained therapists.  But we know from personal experience that just breathing the same air as a horse can be a calming, soothing experience when calm and soothing is exactly what is needed. 

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