Plan your Wedding with The Red Gate Livery


We at the Red Gate Livery are honoured to participate in weddings throughout the Ottawa Valley.  We are welcome at wedding venues like Evermore, Aquatopia, Stonefields, and others.  We pride ourselves in our flexibility to fit in with the most complex of wedding plans.  We have relationships with wedding planners in Ottawa and throughout the valley.  


A carriage can be used as part of a wedding in many ways.  Here are a few:


  • Transportation to and from the wedding service

  • Transportation for wedding party and/or wedding guests

  • Wedding photos with a Horse and Carriage at your location or ours



We have many carriage configuratons, please select the links to discover what would best suit your needs.


3950 March Road

Carp, ON

K0A 1L0


What you can expect from the Red Gate:

  1. To be invited to the farm to meet the horses and see the carriage

  2. To be given an electronic, itemized quote so that you understand what drives the cost

  3. To be asked about your wedding colours and tastes so that the carriage can be appropriately decorated for your day

  4. The carriage will be cleaned for your event.

  5. That two staff members, at minimum will be provided.

  6. That the horse provided will be clean, healthy and otherwise well managed.  

  7. And that we will do our utmost to make your day perfect.

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