Plan your Wedding with The Red Gate Livery


We at the Red Gate Livery are honoured to participate in weddings throughout the Ottawa Valley.  We are welcome at wedding venues like Evermore, Aquatopia, Stonefields, and others.  We pride ourselves in our flexibility to fit in with the most complex of wedding plans.  We have relationships with wedding planners throughout the area. 


A carriage can be used as part of a wedding in many ways.  Here are a few:


  • Transportation to and from the wedding service

  • Transportation for wedding party and/or wedding guests

  • Wedding photos with a Horse and Carriage at your location or ours

  • Making a grand entrance to the reception



We have many carriage configuratons, please select the links to discover what would best suit your needs.


3950 March Road

Carp, ON

K0A 1L0


What you can expect from the Red Gate:

  1. To be invited to the farm to meet the horses and see the carriage

  2. To be asked about your wedding colours and tastes so that the carriage can be appropriately decorated for your day

  3. The carriage will be cleaned for your event.

  4. That two staff members, at minimum will be provided.

  5. That the horse provided will be clean, healthy and otherwise well managed.  

  6. And that we will do our utmost to make your day perfect.

 A word about pricing:

When you hire a wedding carriage, you are not just paying for the few hours that we participate in your wedding.  Understand that our price to you has several considerations:

Variable Costs:

  1. Cleaning the carriage which usually consists of washing down the hard surfaces and vacuuming seating and rugs.

  2. Floral Design of the carriage to match your colours can take between 8 and 20 hours.  

  3. The horse we use, usually Duke, has to be groomed for your day. This includes a bath if necessary and weather permits, plus whitening and brushing of his feet, thorough brushing of body, mane and tail as well as braiding of mane with inclusion of florals to match the carriage.

  4. While we charge a nominal fee for wear and tear on the truck and trailer, loading and unloading Duke as well as the travel time back and forth to your location, and the wages of the staff working your event have to be considered.

Fixed Costs

We house and care for four horses year round.  All four horses have a role to play and as such the cost of their care must be recovered in the price we charge for every job, whether it is with the carriage or the camera.  As such, here are the fixed costs that must be born in part by all of our customers.

  1. Hay - We have our hay delivered by a neighbour on an as needed basis.  At the moment the going rate for hay is $60 per round bale, and our horses will consume 60 round bales per year.

  2. Horses need a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals to maintain their coats, bones hooves and teeth.  As such we provide salt blocks and an extruded feed carefully balanced to provide them with what they need.  

  3. Farrier: Our farrier is a young woman who achieved extensive qualifications in a school where she learned the latest methods and traditional lore in how to care for the hooves of horses.  She comes to the farm every five to six weeks and tends to each of our horses, from Duke's shoes to Silver's terror of anyone handling his feet.  

  4. Veterinarian: Depending on the needs of our horses, we will see our vet two to six times a year.  She is extremely skilled and has provided comfort and treatment for all our horses for five years.  

  5. Housing: Our horses have a small barn that allows them to get out of the weather and the wind.  We provide ongoing maintenance and improvement as required.

  6. Accessories: horse blankets, medicine boots, grooming tools, shampoo, etc.


Our insurance is provided by a company out of Toronto.  The underwriter is Lloyds of London.  Our policy provides us with $2M of coverage for each individual occurrence.  We have never had a claim, and we take extreme care not to - the policy is very expensive and we don't want the premiums to go up!

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