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So lets talk silks........

Now when I say silks, I don't mean racing silks, like thoroughbreds wear when they race. I mean, those are nice, sure. But we are talking DRAFT HORSES. They don't RACE anywhere. They are huge, gentle and dignified. No sir, these babies are deserving of something much better. Silk flowers.

Now before you get all dismissive and start remembering arrangements like my grandmother had, full of dust and faded from too much time in the sun, hear me out.

Today's silk flowers are so realistic that many brides are opting for silk bouquets when they get married. The reasoning is that the bride gets to keep the bouquet, and it won't rot or turn to dust. Another reason espoused by some is the wish to spare the environment from the chemical and electrical burden of growing rare flowers in a greenhouse and risking their invasion into the local flora and fauna thereby choking off natural species. And finally, silk flowers are a lot cheaper, and from my perspective, I can use the same flowers in several arrangements before they finally wear out. AND THEY LOOK GOOD.

So by way of argument, lets do some comparisons.

This picture was taken of the carriage with Cinderella top in our first year.

The picture at right was taken Nov 19, 2016 at the Ottawa Help Santa Toy Parade. The ladies from Glass Slipper Princess Parties and I worked hard on the decoration to make it worthy of Cinderella, who after all, is royalty.

Here is another comparison.

This picture was taken just a few days after the carriage was delivered. It was the first time Duke drew it, and a fine job he did.

At right is the back of the carriage, conformed the same way as that first day but with wisteria, roses, and pink morning glories. Gorgeous isn't it?

And then of course there is the horse himself. Below is a picture of Duke working a wedding in Roebuck Ontario last year. Not that flowers could ever markably add to to Duke's beauty - he is stunning as the creator made him. But his attire can be coordinated with the colours of the wedding party, in this case, navy blue, white and grey.

In this ethereal picture of the unicorn last year, the magical aura around Shannon is emphasized by the flowers in her mane, not to mention the royal tassel hanging around her neck.

How about a few more? Below is from a wedding June 11, 2016,

And finally, there are the flowers themselves. Below are photos taken of some of the new stems acquired over the winter. I can't wait to use them for a new occasion, be it wedding, parade, or fantasy photo shoot.

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