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A favourite story about Hindu Weddings: A few years ago we did a wedding at the Crown Plaza in Gatineau.  As the groom was waiting in the saddle in front of the hotel, people began to stream out the front door.  There was a fire alarm!  The groom got down and we took Duke off to a remote corner of the parking lot ..... about 15 feet from where the fire engines pulled up.  We kept giving him hay to convince him that the noisy trucks were something positive.  He wasn't so sure.  The alarm was called off a few minutes later and the groom asked us to resume.  Duke seemed fairly calm so we went ahead.  He was only a little nervous, wanting to turn around periodically to be sure everything was where he had left it.  But like the pro he is, he finished the job, and afterward, walked politely down the sidewalk with us back to the trailer.  A lesser horse could not have maintained composure the way Duke does.  We know exactly how lucky we are to have him.  And we tell him every day. 

Hindu Weddings


This Hindu wedding WAS SO MUCH FUN! They mythology behind the groom being carried by the magical horse to his waiting bride is inexpressibly beautiful.  We know about drums, pipes, and people.  We provide extra staff to keep all of your wedding guests safe, we provide a costume for the horse in the traditional colours of gold and red, and we even provide oats for the traditional offering to the horse at the beginning of the procession.  We have since done this many times and we love it! 

After the wedding, we can use the same horse and our carriage configured to your preference and decorated in red and gold (or colours of your choice) to carry the couple off.  

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