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A Horse in the School

In bygone days, horses were used for everything from milk delivery, to fire and emergency response, to piano moving, and heavy freight.  Now they are relegated to being playthings of the very rich, used for sport and liesure.  It is part of our mission at the Red Gate to reintroduce horses to mainstream society, and A Horse in the School is a program to further that very aim.  We bring one horse to the school and provide a one hour lesson on the history and modern use of horses in our society.  Lesson material can be adapted to dovetail with history, science, environment, and other curriculum streams.  This is especially good for experience based learning programs.  Children can ask questions and share ideas. Teachers and Principals, go to the contact page to request a lesson plan and an estimate for your school.  

Photos from the Toner Family Collection, Fredericton, New Brunswick

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